About Me

Welcome to Mama Ann's Kitchen! Join me as I dabble and dribble my way along The Great Culinary Adventure of Life!

My goal is to delight the taste buds and please the eye while using as many whole, unprocessed and preservative free foods as I am able, not seeking perfection but rather doing the best I can. 

I am known to be a bit of a "Pinch and Dasher", often substituting a little of this for that, so it's hard to nail down my recipes.  But to the end of capturing it all in my blog....I'll do my best!

Laughter and the thunder of little feet frequently shake the floorboards of our old farmhouse, with small hands reaching for tastes and snacks.
Friends and family are also often here, and
I find home gatherings to be the warmest, friendliest sort...the kitchen always being the center of such events.

I've recently begun hosting Cooking Workshops featuring the Flexible Bakeware that I've used for the past 7 years, and I love to experiment and try new recipes with friends. 

If you're interested in following our family's Life Bites in addition to our Culinary Adventures....meet us on over at Gerber to Gourmet. (Yes, by the very title, you can tell that food may indeed be at the very center of my existence!) :-)  However, Cook-Bake-Write though I love.....laundry, dishes, and the wiping of dirty faces and sticky hands consumes the majority of my time, and the rest of it is mostly consumed with hosting or visiting friends!  And how could I forget the snuggles and stories and play time?  I wouldn't trade a minute of those...for anything!

May great food and friendship accompany you in life, delighting your senses and warming your soul....beginning here!

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