Monday, October 1, 2012

Just Married!

The Marriage of Culinary Adventure and Blogging in Mama Ann's kitchen has finally taken place.  Because experimenting with food is my passion, and writing is my best form of expression - the collision of the two was inevitable.

I don't have a fancy camera yet (hints to the family and husband).....but oddly, if not surprisingly, I have been taking pictures of my food for a very long time, so I may indeed be able to dip back into the past for a few pictures and recipes alike!

I am known to be a bit of a "Pinch and Dasher", often substituting a little of this for that, so it's hard to nail down my recipes.  But to the end of capturing it all in my blog....I'll give my best shot!

My culinary goal is to delight the taste buds and please the eye using whole, natural foods, avoiding preservatives and making healthy choices as often as possible.  I'm not a purist in this....nor am I seeking perfection.  I simply try to make the best choices I can whenever I can.

If you're interested in following our family's Life Bites in addition to our Culinary us on over at Gerber to Gourmet. (Yes, by the title of my "Life Blog", you can tell that food may indeed be at the very center of my existence!) :-)

Patience may be the key to our Blogger-Reader relationship, for Cook-Bake-Write though I love.....laundry, dishes, and the wiping of dirty faces and sticky hands consumes the majority of my time.  And how could I forget the snuggles and stories?  I wouldn't trade a minute of those...for anything!

So, then, shall we embark, Dear Reader?  From this day forward.....

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